Category on product detail page


When someone directly goes to a product detail page (like visitors from Google), I think it’s not very clear in witch category they are. So I would like to include the category name and image on the top of the detail page. Does someone know how to do that? I’m sure that a lot of people would like that on there website too.

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Use Blocks for the Product Page to display the Categories.


Nobody? I tried code like:


Can someone help me out?

You need to follow these steps

Step 1:

open controllers/products.php and add the following code



Step 2:

open skins/your_skin/customer/views/products/view.tpl

and then use {$categories.category} to display the Category of the Product.

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I’m guessing you don’t use SEO since the category related to the product would be in the URL like <>/my_category/my_product.html

How do you want to handle the case where a product can be in multiple categories?