Category names in russian appear as gibberish


This must have been asked before, but I can’t seem to find any thread.

I want to setup a Russian store. I want to import products from a cvs. The category names are in Cyrillic characters.

In the cvs file the category names are in UTF (I use Notepad+ to verify). I upload the file to the server. In the import products page I select the file and the preview shows the correct Cyrillic characters. I hit import, but the categories that are generated have weird characters.

I checked my database and individual table collation, it’s utf_general_ci which works fine with a another cs-cart store in Greek. I have only Russian language on the store so there is only one choice (Russian) for language on the import product page.

The store page itself is rightly set to UTF, but the characters appear wrong.

Any help will be appreciated.