Category menu exception page


Is it possible to hook the left category menu on the 404 exception.tpl template?

And how can i do that?

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Create a Location and set the dispatch to: Custom: no_page

Now you can fully customise the 404 error page within CS-Cart admin Blocks page.

Hi StellarBytes,

Sorry, i dont know what you mean. Can you explain it for me?

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Locations - this, and the subsequent subpages of this page will help you understand Locations.

When creating a new Location via the Blocks page, select Dispatch as 'Custom' and enter “no_page” in the field to create a custom 404 page.

What do you mean by select Dispatch Custum? Where can i selct that?

In the Location Properties window. I have to admit, CS-Cart's documentation for V3 is poor - there are no screenshots to use as a reference point in the reference guide or other documentation.

Thanks for your reply.

I can't find it out…

Is it possible to hook the category sidebox in the exception.tpl?

Excerpt from exception.tpl:

{render_location dispatch="no_page"}

Need I say more?