Category LIsting Page to show "pop up" / "detailed" image


I have a question in cs-cart 2.09 i am looking to modify the category page. I need to be able to display the pop up image on the category page. When i dump out the smarty code for the product cs-cart is only sending the thumbnail image to the smarty code. What code could i change in the php to send both images to the smart.

This was on my brief looking at cs-cart if i am wrong please correct me.

THanks in adv!!!

Find the following code in /controllers/customers/categories.php.

```php fn_gather_additional_product_data($products[$k], true, false, true, true, true); ```

And replace with the following code:```php fn_gather_additional_product_data($products[$k], true, true, true, true, true); ```