Category images help & Database help also

Category sub categories when you click the main category it brings up a list of sub categories well on that page how do you get the sub categories to show a image of that sub category on that same page

So say for example the main category said chainsaw parts well on the chainsaw parts page you have air filters fuel accessories carbs and so on and under each heading you will have a image showing what each heading represents is this possible to do with CS Cart ?

Also need to find someone that knows about database creation want to create a database that uses part #s according to model # or manufacture a good example is oregon chainsaw chain bar selection i want to create a database for parts lookup for this chainsaw bar selector guide i have numerous manufactures i sell chainsaw bars and chain for that this feature would help alot

if someone can offer some advice on how to create it

thank you in advance

Every category or sub cat has an image which can be insterted just the same as you main cat.