category_id gives the wrong data 2.0


What I want is to do the following.

I do a request[category_id] in the main index.php file.

It gives me the wrong category_id’s even from ones that doesnt exist in cscart_category_descriptions and cscart_categories.

Where do he gets it from?

I want to show the names of the main categories. Everytimes a use clicks on a category the name will be used in my script for example:

Phones. The categoty_id = 119, from request[category_id] which doesnt exist.

I have this query:

$query =“SELECT * from cscart_category_descriptions,cscart_categories WHERE cscart_categories.parent_id= “.$_REQUEST[‘category_id’].” AND cscart_category_descriptions.lang_code=‘NL’ AND cscart_categories.parent_id = cscart_category_descriptions.category_id”;

$result = mysql_query($query);

I want to have the category descriptions related to the category_id. The category id from cscart_category_descriptions is 152. Why it prints 119? and why do I still get the right names?

If i use the same query in phpmyadmin, it doesnt work.

This is strange, please help