Category Filter Mod

Well, for those of you that remember, I had a mod developed by Joe that would hide the categories as the filters are used to narrow down the products. I had the mod developed for a previous version of CS-Cart, but I just had Joe update it.

This mod works for both CS-Cart 2.1.2 and CS-Cart 2.1.3

Basically, this mod eliminates unused categories that don’t match the filter that is chosen by the customer.

For some reason CS-Cart continues to show all the categories even if a category doesn’t match the filter. To me, this is very confusing. When I use a filter, I expect only the products and categories that match the filter to show.

This mod will totally help your customers find their products faster and will make it so your store is less confusing to them.

Attached are two files. One is just the filter mod. The other is the filter mod along with the Subcategories with Images addon.

If you are already using the subcategories with images addon, than adding this mod will overwrite your existing addon files if you just copy everything over, so don’t just copy everything over.

To update the subcategories with images addon with this mod, just copy over:


Don’t copy over the var files.

If you aren’t already using the subcategories with images addon, than just copy everything over.

Anyways, I hope you guys like this. Let me know if there are any problems. I’ll do my best to help.



this is just like endless, very nice, thanks brandon

I have this add-on installed on my site and it looks/functions great! A huge thanks to Brandon & Joe for developing this.

is it work on 2.2.2 ? when i performed search nothing changing mate.