Category Display

Anyone out there willing to help us achieve the category or sub-category display like in the image attached? Any help is welcomed.


Category Layout w-Desc…JPG

You’ll need a new template for the catalog.categories page or alot of new CSS.

Either of the two would work.

Thanks again ggnorio. Can your category with description mod be tweaked to achieve this layout. If not can you help with how and the codes for either the template or CSS …which ever is easier or better. Or does anyone have other ways that they can help with?

The addon just adds a single field to the catalog category display. That said, the template could be altered to show a different view. You’d need CSS as well.

you can use photoshop

look at my my site, home page and all category pages are done in photoshop

Hi where do I get this category with description mod?

I have built a new multicolumns template but need to extract the Category Description from the database for each category.

I cant believe that Nonoe of the Appearance Types available in 2.1.4 make this available !

Can anyone assist please?