Category bars not changing.

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It shows the category bars such as “best sellers, site news, my account, etc…” as a black bar, yet if you go to: [url][/url]

I changed all four of the category image files to this blue one but it is not showing a change, yet if I open it in ie and run in compatibility mode, it shows the blue bars. Once I am out of compatibility mode, it reverts to the black bars? What am I doing wrong here?

I see them as blue in firefox. Maybe you go to clear browser cache?

It is very odd. I woke up this morning and they had magically turned blue in all browsers. I had previously cleared the cache in chrome and deleted cookies, etc… and it remained black. I wonder why it was delayed on my end. Nevertheless, it is fixed. Thanks.

Maybe work of a tooth fairy…

I guess so. Check out my other post, I just uploaded an image ;). Time for some heavy mods.