Categories Picker Radio Options Issue

Hey people.

Just found a rather alarming issue with one of my CS-Cart stores.

I was checking for duplicate content, when I found that if I Google “” I get almost every category page indexed with a bizarre page title (“Categories Expand the sublist of items Collapse the sublist of items…”), description (“Expand the sublist of items Collapse the sublist of items, Expand the sublist of items Collapse the sublist of items”) and a strange looking page which I have never come across. Screenshot attached.

The indexed URL's follow this format:

If I actually visit any of the pages, I get a page titled 'Categories' with a radio-button list of the categories with a “Choose” or “Cancel” button, if I select any of the options, the page redirects to" which very strangely produces a 404 not found error.

Has anybody else witnessed this and, if so, found a cure for it? I have recently installed CS Cart Rocks Canonical URL Fix Addon which leaves no trace on these pages.

Any ideas? At a complete loss with this one…



Support have confirmed this issue has been caused by CS Cart Rocks' Canonical URL Fix Addon.

In its current state, I advise you to NOT use this addon - it has caused more issues than it has fixed on my site.

When I do the same, my google links that appear first are the mobile skin ones, but if I do it without /index then my usual pages appear.

I too have the cs cart rocks canonical added but dont have the problems you have.