Categories Only Work with Design Mode On

I have this weird bug. I am pretty sure everything worked normally before I switched to the newest update.

I modified my categories to so all the parent categories are displayed, and when you click on one of those the sub categories show up below it and the main category highlights. If you click on a subcategory it highlights, and the parent category stays highlighted.

I also added a second layer for some subcategories (I am selling dolls, and for one category each doll belongs to both a theme and a head mold, so if you click that category all the themes show up below it and all the head molds show up below that, so you can choose which you want to browse - I control this with position - 101-149 for theme and 150-199 for head mold - these are the only categories which these positions).

This all works perfectly if design mode is on (either customization or translation), whether signed in or not. But, if I turn design mode off, it breaks. Once you click on a category, that page loads but the old categories are displayed (the old subcategories are still there and the old category is still highlighted). Every once in a while click a new category does update. Basically, the categorizes template part doesn’t update.

I’ll attach my code.



Try clearing your cache.

Yes, I cleared my cache and it still doesn’t work right.

I think I fixed it! I had my filling for the categories set to pain. I changed it to dynamic (since they both go to categories_tree.tpl) and it seems to be working fine now.