Categories not showing?

Hi there guys,

Im setting up a store with the latest version, and despite having category blocks set up (to run down the left-hand side of the page), when I preview the page, I do not see a list of my categories.

Can someone shed some light on the matter?

Kind Regards

If you click the cog on the Category block you created, what Template are you using and what are the Content settings for the block? It may just be the case that you need to clear your cache, which you can do so by appending your admin URL with ?cc like so:

Hi there,

Thankyou for your reply!

Clearing the cache didnt seem to help.

These are the settingsā€¦


Name: Categories

Template: Dropdown horizontal

Wrapper: Sidebox general

User-defined CSS-class: category-box


Filling: Full tree

Parent category: Root level

The theme is GreenBeLite CS-Cart Template (Blue)


The demo of that skin uses dropdown vertical as the template for the categories in the sidebar.

Ah! Success! Thankyou very much, you are a scholar.