categories mis aligned

Imported my old 2.1.4 store to v 3 nad some categories are mis aligned

some are not correct like this

but some are fine like this

I have checked with FF and see that it may be something to do with missing width: 100% missing but tried to alter it and stays same afetr clearing caches.

any help any one ]



Clear your Firefox cache, I just took a quick look and the category layouts (assume that's what you mean is the problem?) are the same on both of those pages.

I see what you mean. It looks like you have something weird going in in your locations?

Yeah, but only in Chrome and also on android…FF is OK and I E Ok, I am waiting to get in work tomorrow and try on my regular PC, I asked CS but they are veerloaded at the moment

I had a look in Chrome and see the problem, strange that Firefox isn't affected. I had a look at the generated HTML, JS and CSS and can't find any differences.

Are there any differences in the blocks which the category uses? ie. Edit Category > Blocks ?

Have you tried manually deleting the cache via FTP, ie. /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/ ?