Categories block bugs

If you insert a categories block and then try to change it's filling it's not working.

More importantly, if you select Dynamic tree and choose the apporpriate filling it works as it should.

If the category block is in the categories and the filling is Dynamic, then:

a) if you select the vertical menu and have multiple menu levels, then the menu opens when you are INSIDE a category - while the correct way was to open while you are at parent level.

For example for the following structure:


-Sub 1

-Second Sub 1

You have to select 'Sub 1' in order to see the dropdown that containts 'Second Sub 1' (which is useless) while it should do it one level up ( you whould see the Sub 1 dropdown when you are at the 'Parent' category)

b ) if you select text links, then in the homepage it shows ALL the categories expanded, but when you are in a category you see the subcategories and have to CLICK in order to expand to its children.


c) Moreover, as for the links for the subcategories that appear under the category title, some of them are working and some are not, for no particular reason :confused:

Are we getting these fixed? Is there a way to add an option to show the categories EXPANDED or NOT?