Categories And Product Display From Homepage


In our store we have a number of categories and under each category we have a number of sub categories, then under the sub categories the product sits with different variations.

I have managed to build the top level categories on the Homepage and then the sub categories but when selecting the sub category the product info isn't being displayed.

Can anyone help with how i build the following?

Select>Homepage>Top Level Category>Sub Category>Product


Try to enable the Settings -> General -> Show products from subcategories of the selected category setting

PS The product should be assigned to Sub Category

Ok thank you, i will give that a go

I have checked those settings and they still won't display. I can see the products if i search for them.


Do you see any other category information (like description, subcategories, etc) ?

So i see the main category and when i click on that it takes to me to the sub categories and when i select that theres nothing there, but can search for the products individually on the Storefront.

When i ceck the Admin system i can see the product is set up as the following category

General Purpose/Flexo Pet

General Purpose being the main category and Flexo pet as the sub

It is required to examine issue on your server