Catalogue Promotions Not Really Doing Their Job?


I have a client who has a catalogue promotion set up, so all products in 'Dining Tables' category have 15% off for this weekends sale.

However, they also have Dining Tables under the 'brand name' category, but the discount is not showing there at all.

Surely IF the product exists in the category where the catalogue promotion is applied, it should show the discount everywhere that product is listed? It works fine for recently viewed/wishlist etc, but only when you see the product in another category it suddenly does not care about the promotions it might have related to other categories.

Clicking through to the product shows the discount, but it's not right that a discounted product does NOT show the discounted price everywhere it is listed.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Anyone got any ideas? Surely someone else has a product in multiple categories and has used catalogue promotions to see this?

Instead of selecting a specific category, try to select a/some products!

When we are talking 300 products a category and the sale is on 3-4 categories, thats not really a viable option. I know that would work, but the issue here is that a product DOES have a discount, but its not showing it just because its viewed in another category.

Thanks though

I think you need to rethink the promotion, it can be viewed as a bug, but, also you can see that the rule is: if the category... then... so the rule is true, and it works!

Why don’t you report or browse the bugtracker

Maybee this behaviour is already fixed.

Which version are you running

Already reported it at the same time. Posted here to see if there was any quick fixes

I don't use promotions but I do not see this as a bug. You are specifying a category, not the product itself, to be discounted.