Catalog - Resulting Page - Desperate



I have had a catalogue page for a number of years and it presented within a grid page. Having worked with 2.1.4 until recently I am still finding my way around 4.5.2 and establishing where everything is that I need.

Being a very new user of 5.4.2 I am wondering what template/page style I could you to have the new catalog appear in grid format. Sorry have not had the opportunity to look through everything as yet and am quite desperate to get this sorted. (screen dumps of old site and new site resulting catalogs attached).

For some reason, also, the catalog (top level category) text in 4.5.2 is hidden until the cursor is hovered. It is not an urgent issue because at least the text shows once the mouse is hovering.

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can provide.






Please share the solution