Catalog Promotion Discount From Price (Need List Price)

Hi, i need help! i hope we wont get confused..

First of all lets take an example:

i have a product #1 with price: 80E and list price:100E. (discount 20%)

today i would like to have a catalog promotion (via Marketing->Promotions->Catalog Promotion) with 30% discount of the original price. and the result is that the promotion will have the discount from 80E - 30%.

is it possible to make the discount from the list price ? (100E - 30%).

Help participate in the black friday too.. thank you for you time! :)

i have CS-Cart 4.3.4

i found a solution

but there is no list_price in the app/functions/fn.promotions.php and also the line

And try to replace
$product['price'] = $product['list_price'] - $discount;
$product['price'] -= $discount; 

is already replaced.

If you do not want to modify the code, we can offer you the following:

- export products with price fields

- make a backup of the generated file

- rename Price column to Test

- rename the List price columns to Price

- import corrected file back

- set up promotion in common way

- import back original file after your sales period is completed

is it possible to edit the code?

is it possible to edit the code?

Sure, but I cannot provide you with the code without detailed code exaimnation