Catalog Pricing Error

I have a product with the List Price and the Price both set to $2400.00

I don't have ANY user groups created and I don't have ANY coupons created.

I am only using US Dollar in my store and all other currencies are disabled.

There are no quantity discounts.

I do NOT have the item on any sale of any kind.

When I pull up the item in the Front End it shows the item as originally $2400.00 but discounted 30% to $1680.00

It should show the item as $2400.00 since I haven't created any user group discounts, promotional discounts or quantity discounts.

Anyone know what is causing this error?

No, could be a bug if the list and normal price are the same.

Take out the list price and use just the price field, see what it gives then


I found the issue for that error but I've found another calculation error.

First I'll address the fix I found for the original error.

I had originally created a wholesale group with a discount, but after deleting ALL user group promotions the cart still seemed to be reading the customers wholesale USER GROUP and calculating a discount EVEN THOUGH I had deleted ALL PROMOTIONS.

I fixed the error by adding catalog promotions and creating conditions of;

Registered User Discount:

User group is equal to registered


User group is NOT equal to wholesale…

Bonus: product discount 85% of original price.

Stop all other rules is checked

Wholesale User Discount:

User group is equal to wholesale

Bonus: product discount 70% of original price.

Stop all other rules is checked

The Registered group MUST have the exlcusion of the wholesale group in it's conditions or it calculates both registered and wholesale discounts.

The additional error I've found is that my product is showing up correctly discounted depending on the user group, BUT when I add the item to the shopping cart it discounts it an additional 17.5%


Original price of item is $2400.00

Registered User group discount displays item at 15% off which is $2040.00

But when I add that item to the shopping cart it takes an additional $288.00 off my item (17.5%) bringing the final item price to $1632.00

Anyone else ever run into this issue?