Catalog-On-Demand Integration

I have come across a company that can compile CS Cart store product data into customized catalogs for email or print. They currently do not have integration with CS Cart, however if enough people are interested they will consider creating it. I currently have many products in different catagories and have been looking into creating a print and .pdf catalog to send out to specific customer types. It is still easier to put something in someone's hand in order to make them aware of your products. What better way than to have a system that uses the product images, descriptions, and options already on my site? The only other alternative is to manually create a new catalog from scratch.

If you are interested, please follow this link and complete the form:




I am looking for a service like this. Are there any services currently available that work with CS-Cart?

This would be a great service for CS-Cart. If you haven't filled out the form, please do so that the company will develop it.

Filled out the form. Seems like a real potential.