Catalog Mode Unique URL for Option Combinations

I have a client that currently runs Mal’s e-commerce and wants to continue doing so. I’m going to attempt to get him to switch overtime, but in the mean time I need to get an idea on how to link the “Buy Now” button in catalog mode to the unique URLS for each option combination. I realize that products can be linked, but I need product option combinations linked. I have coded an input on the admin side to add urls to each option combination, but I’m having a hard time figuring how to pull this url data from the DB when someone selects an option combination and applying it to the Buy Now button. Any ideas?

I’m sorry that I don’t know the answer to your question but I do know Mals.

Mals is really nice for what it is, I’ve used it for years but it’s so worth it to switch, not to mention that if your customer has the premium mals (paid) cart that they’ll save money. This cart does everything that mals does and more. I still keep a paid and several free Mals carts because I set them up for people who have CMS sites and need to be able to test things. Maybe together we can convince your customer to switch?

I would be interested to know if you get this to work though. I wonder how the remote call in Mals will work with this cart?

I think it’s going to be easier to convince him than to figure out how to program this function. I’ll push a bit harder.