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Im new to CS Cart and am a little stuck, and to see if this is at all possible.

Sorry it may be a little hard for me to explain but here goes.

The site I am building has a lot of Catergories, Sub Catergories and Sub-Sub Catergories, on a couple of the sub-sub catergories the list goes off the screen because it is so long.

As I mentioned in the title about the catalog landing page, when you click on this it pulls up all the catergoies in nice little picture boxes, my question being is can I have this layout for other pages

For example

I do not want any sub catergories, just Catergory 1, Catergory 2, Catrgory 3 in left navigation etc etc so when I click on each catergory a page like the catalog landing page loads with the sub catergories in nice little picture boxes and when I click on each sub catergory the sub sub catergory again loads like the catalog landing page.

I hope this make sense. And if at all it is possible

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check out this link [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thats exactly what i am after thank you so much


Right I have got it all working, I just have one problem.

The problem I am having is the sub categories and sub sub categories are still showing up when you hover over the “Categories” Navigation on the left, is it possibe to hide these and have just have Category 1 and when you click through it shows up the thumbnails.

Is there anyting in the CSS anywhere that i can use “hidden” so the sub caegories dont show up

thanks in advance

I have managed to fix the problem myself and if anyone else is interested in how I did it then here goes

From the admin panel click

Design>Template Editor>Selected Template>customer>dropdown.css

Around line 29 you will see this code

ul.dropdown ul {

display: none;

position: absolute;

top: 100%;

left: 0;

z-index: 2;

width: 100%;


Just add this line under width

visibility: hidden;

All sorted