I’ve just changed my Categories menu to Emenu. The problem I’ve got is that when you select a Category, the dotted line around the selected Category isn’t showing at the bottom.

Does anyone know how to get it so show there?

Also, another problem I’ve just found is when select the breadcrumbs ‘Home’ tab, my site gets redirected here: [url][/url].

This is nothing to do with me and shouldn’t be happening :confused: .

Does anyone know how I can make it go to my home page?

i can guess the ‘home’ tab problem

that would probably be a mod you installed from this forum, and didn’t change something. is roban’s site, and he contributes mods to the forum.

If you View Source on your home page the URL (link) is missing from your Home Tab.


Thanks again for your help Mike.

Do you know how I can correct this problem?

Where is the code in question where I need to put the correct url?

something you altered in


this is an original from 1.3.5 (beta)


The top menu is fine. It’s the middle breadcrumbs where the problem is.

I changed the link in index.php, but now I’ve lost my entire site!

has nothing to do with index.php

you top_menu.tpl is altered (modified)

you need to put

somewhere in there to activate the “home” tab link

My index.php file read like this:

include COMMON_DIR . ‘customer_common.php’;


So I figured this wasn’t right. I changed it to this:

include COMMON_DIR . ‘customer_common.php’;


And that was when I lost the site.

I’m just going to add your code to my top_menu.tpl now…