Cash for small snag Questions Answered


We are porting our CSCART project from 1.35 to 2.11 and having a few snag issues, willing to pay for anyone who can answer each question,

$20 to the 1st person to answer the question with the fix for our website, We are up to our eyes and need some clever CSCART forum people to help us out.

I'll pay via PAYPAL and within 12hours, hopefully less, pay for the 1st solution to fix the small issues were having, (note only on fixing the issue)

1) On the product pages we cant seem to get the tabs to activate and unsure why?
We have used the identical CSS on a test website and dont think its the issue,
Any one see any thing with wrong with view source?
$20 cash for a simple fix

2) Item Qty code
We want to say more than 20 available for items we have a lot of in stock,
This should also work for products with options, We've done this on v1 and should be done at template level if possible
$20 cash for a simple fix

3) Search by configuration
We'd like to remove the list my "Popularity" and "Best Selling" in the template view options, we cant find where the code is in the template, just the array that reads the options,
$20 cash for a simple fix

This is it so far, more bits to follow, offering the cash (PAYPAL) as we just havent the time to investigate ourselves and would like to reward any forum goers who may know an easy simple fix from their knowledge

Many Thanks

Stephen -

More Questions to follow...

1.You have a js error:

Error: $(“.slide-out-div”).tabSlideOut is not a function

Is this function properly loaded in your js file? Check it.

2. Do you mean you want to get this kind of result:

Change the code in file /customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl:

{$product_amount} {$lang.items}


{if $product_amount>20}More than 20 available{else}{$product_amount} {$lang.items}{/if}


Change to this code in core/fn_catalog.php (around line 3572)

'price' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('price'), 'default_order' => 'asc')//,
//'popularity' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('popularity'), 'default_order' => 'desc')
Comment this code in addons/bestsellers/func.php (around line 89)

$sorting['bestsellers'] = array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('bestselling'), 'default_order' => 'desc');

This code is inside your



This is not stock CS code. So either remove it and default tabs will work.


The JS file it is looking for ,

Does not exist in the directory you specified.

Also, your ADD TO CART button is cut off in FF 3.6.8 on Win 7.

you need to tweak your styles.css on this line. Try the css below, seems to fix it.

```php .button-submit-action input, .button-submit input, .button-submit-big input, .button-action a, .button-big a {background:url(“images/but_right_action.gif”) no-repeat scroll right 5px transparent;border:0 none;color:white;line-height:16px;padding:1px 18px 2px 10px;} ```

Thanks guys, I’ll try these in order,

If they work i’ll pay

The non standard CS code worked fine in our demo environment

Please DM me for the website address and not post it publically

Thanks guys


Cheers Joe,

We’ve been working through the night on the conversion

Can you send me your PayPal address via DM ?


Your tabs cause your product info to get cut off


First tab loads fine, click TAGS tab, and half the description dissappears and the options list gets cut in half.

Might need to hard code the width of your tabs.

Cheers Joe - Money paid, thanks

Thanks Tony too