Cart3.0.1 chokes on large csv import

help please

it seem that the csv import functions chokes when importing a file with over 16000 lines, ive tried both cvs and txt, i don’t believe that it is the file structure because i cut the file down to 1800 and it uploads fine,

any ideas?

I've been able to upload files of almost the same size just fine. You might want to check with your host on file upload size restrictions. A lot of hosts reduce the file size to 2mb and 16000 lines is way, way over 2mb, while 1800 should be under.

Unfortunately some hosts won't budge on this though. I've had to break some CSVs into as many as 10 separate CSVs. It can really be a pain in the butt, but it usually isn't CS-Cart's fault.



If it is a problem related to the default “max-upload-size” set to 2M, you can overcome such a setting by copying the attached zipped “php.ini” file in the root folder of your cscart installation. Now clear the all the caches and refresh the home page, then try (just for testing) to import a huge file such as a picture >2M of filesize.

It should work as well as other importing operations generally limited by the original setting.

Now the limit has been raised to 128MB and you can change by yourself by editing the following line in the php.ini file:

upload_max_filesize = 128M

Anyway it worked and still works for me.

Let me know your results.


thank you both for responding,

but the php.ini file did the trick, took 16000+ without a hiccup

Sweet - I also had the same issue. My installtion did not have a php.ini file. I uploaded yours to my root and back in biz