Hello, everyone. I am having a few issues with my cart on CS-Cart. When I add a item I can go to checkout with no issues. When I try and go to the actual cart it is trying to go to paypal site instead of the cart on the CS-Cart site I created. I have added some PDF files that shows my issues. On File Picture 1 the top left had corner it is showing the cart picture, the items in the cart and then checkout shortcut. When you click on the item or the cart picture and then view cart it attempts to take you to paypal (see picture 3 and 4) and then gives me an error message. I am trying to get the cart to go to the website CS-Cart cart. I am new to this and pretty basic if you can help me. Thanks.

Picture 4.jpg

Picture 3.jpg

Picture 2.jpg

Picture 1.jpg