Cart Won't Keep Me Logged In

All of a sudden, my shopping cart won’t keep me logged in.

I’ve tried adding products to the cart, then viewing cart and it empties. I’ve also tried logging in, then adding products to my cart and it logs me out and empties the cart.

There seems to be a bug somewhere, but I’m not sure where…?

Any ideas?

I have just added products to moonrust gifts cart OK, and navigated then went back to cart and all is still there.

I was using Chrome.

I then did the same in i.e. 10 and still OK


Hi John

I'm using a Mac and I'm starting to think that's causing the problem.

Thanks so much for having a look for me, I really appreciate it.


Hello, Doddles,

We have also tried to add products. Everything is fine.

Try to use other browsers or clear the browser cookie.

Best regards, Alt-team.

It works for us too

Same here. I was using Safari.

Installing Firefox solved the problem. Yet obviously there still is a problem with Safari.