Cart status / colour change


When I put product to cart, this is what comes up “1 item(s), Subtotal: $299.99 Cart Checkout”

Question is, where can I change or assign colours for “1 item(s)” and “Checkout”. I have managed to change colour of this part “Subtotal: $299.99 Cart” but cannot find the rest.

Thanks for any advices.

1 Items is

in Styles.css

#cart_status a {

padding-left: 3px;


a, a:visited, a:hover, a:active {

color: #296DC1;

text-decoration: none;

Checkout is

#cart_status .checkout-link a, #cart_status .checkout-link a:visited, #cart_status .checkout-link a:hover, #cart_status .checkout-link a:active {

background: url(“images/icons/cart_arrow.gif”) no-repeat scroll 93% 7px transparent;

color: #333333;

padding: 2px 16px 4px 6px.

Get firefox as your browser and install firebug, its great for this