Cart slow and unable to add multiple items to cart

When ordering i select 4 of one item. Than if I add any other item it says adding but it wont add to total items and when going to checkout it shows cart empty.

It seems like its timing out. Any idea how to fix the slow cart?

Tried to look at the fix in one of the threads but can not find the code for the fix.



I had a problem similar to this and it was actually a cookie issue. I’m not sure if this is the same. You could try removing the cache and compiled files in:



Thanks for the help

That helped the slowness.

My other issue is that when ordering multiple items it removes the first items added.

Say I order 4 of one item it goes in basket

Than I order 4 of another item

It removes the first item from the basket and adds the second item.

Just weird

This was a cookie issue on one of my client’s carts. The switch between secure and insecure sections of the site was causing serious cart issues. This was an IE specific issue, though, and required a change in some IE7 browser addon.

That said, I’d use helpdesk and have them look at the issue since this can reduce sales on your site.

Thank you again

I’m having them look at it

Bumping a dead thread… But I am using the newest version of CS-Cart and I am having the exact same issue regarding adding multiple of one item, then adding another multiple of another, the second replaces the first.

Did you have the fix for this on hand? Could really use it.

Thanks in Advance

Sorry. After upgrading to 2.1.3 it went away and so far it has not happened again. No fix given. Think it had to do with browser cookies and cache