Cart Recalculate Deletes Options

We have latest CS-Cart 4.3.8 with major problem in the shopping cart content page. When a customer increases the quantity for an item having additional charged options and Recalculate button pressed the Unit Price reverts to the amount without the options. For example 1 car seat costs $400 and the mounting option is $150 so the total shown in the Cart Contents correctly shows $550. But when a customer increases the quantity to 2 items in the Cart Contents and clicks Recalculate, the unit price reverts to $400 and the total for the item is $800 when it should be $1100.

We can use Zend Debugger on a local copy to find the problem but we're hoping some of you smart people can point us to the associated PHP or TPL files to save time.

- Thanks

Unfortunately we failed to reproduce the issue on the local installation. It is required to examine it on your server.

We fixed the problem in which Cart Contents Recalculate/update does not include product options, reverts to default options.

If you want the code let me know. The problem file is /app/controllers/frontend/checkout.php line 110

In short, the problem is poor coding by the dev. It requires a PHP code change. 'product_options' property is not passed in $_REQUEST['cart_products']. $cart['products'][$_key]['product_options'] needs to be appended to the REQUEST data cart product(s) and passed to fn_add_product_to_cart($reqCartProducts, ...)

BTW we're surprised Dimitri, Vladimir, Sergey and the gang have not in 8 years re-wrote the PHP code into Classes. Still have much spaghetti code and use global functions like fn_add_product_to_cart() They should contact me to help transition to PHP 5.5 (or 6.0) classes/namespaces and proper AutoLoading etc. We develop most in MVC frameworks Zend, Cake using copious AJAX/json/jQuery etc.

- ProComputer