Cart-Power: Google Autocomplete Add-On

Dear johnbol1!

Please write to us in our HelpDesk or on if anything is not working quite right still, and we will help.

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There is another issue. Both billing and shipping are being filled in with the same address regardless of the Are shipping and billing addresses the same? having no selected.

Hello, thetool!

We reproduced the issue on our installation, it happens in Admin Panel, does not happen on storefront.

We will fix it in the future add-on release.

If you would like to fix it quicker on your installation, please write to us in HelpDesk topic or on

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After the recent update to both CS-Cart 4.18 and this add on 2.4, it isn’t working on the front nor back end. Did something major change that I am missing?

Dear thetool!

We checked the issue on the clean CS-Cart 4.18 installation with an add-on of 2.4 version using Google and it worked well. Please copy your request to so we can investigate the issue on your installation.

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Dear Friends!

We have updated our Address autocomplete add-on to version 2.4 from 22 of May 2024.

What is new:

[+] - Сaching of data received from the Google service was added.
[+] - The ability to specify a list of countries where to search for an address when using the Dadata service was added.
[+] - The settings delay before sending a request and the minimum number of characters to send a request for the Google service was added.
[+] - The ability to indicate countries in which the house number precedes the street name was added.

If you have any questions - please contact us.

Official Add-on Page

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I regret to have to say but I had to drop this add on. I’m a little disappointed with Cart-Power because I have used their services and add ons over the years without issue. However, after giving Cart-Power access to my server to investigate the issue, they replied saying that my API key was restricted, gave me a few suggestions of how to fix and charged me 20 credits. So after hours and hours of trying to configure the Google API key, the only way it would somewhat work was to have no restrictions at all. I say somewhat because I could finally see Google was showing something but it wasn’t correct.

None of this was making any sense to me since everything worked fine before the latest update so I said screw it and purchased another autocomplete add on. I reset the website restrictions in the Google API configuration, installed the new add on and filled in the the API key and all is working just fine.

This isn’t a bash towards Cart-Power and maybe the add on just doesn’t work in the US but I just wanted to let others know if they are having the same issue or are thinking about purchasing the add on. Who knows, maybe I am the only one that was using it.?

Dear thetool!

We bring our apologies that we could not help with the reported issue quick enough. Apparently after the latest add-on update the domain restrictions stopped working and only IP restriction worked which was the core of the issue.
We will investigate this issue further and do our best to fix it in our add-on.

I will refund the 20 credits that were charged for the investigation on your balance. Also we offer to exchange the Cart-Power: Google Autocomplete add-on on any other add-on which can be helpful for your store, just write to us please in the same topic in HelpDesk.

We value every our client and partner and we will greatly appreciate if you continue using our add-ons and services.

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