Cart-Power Add-Ons And Special Discounts

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We would like just remember that we have great promotions for our add-ons. Just buy add-ons for $300 and you get 10% discount for your purchasing.

Here is full list of all our premium add-ons:

  1. Ajax mega menu. Costs $39

    The “Ajax Mega Menu” add-on allows to optimize the work of a site. Your site will work faster because now menu items are loaded not at once, but only when you put a cursor on them. It greatly saves the time needed to load a page, especially if you have a big menu with many items.

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  2. Auction. Costs $99

    CS-Cart “Auction” add-on allows you to run auctions in your store. The auction details are displayed on the product page. Customers can see Auction products on the Auction page and (if chosen) on categories and search pages.

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  3. Call request. Costs $15

    The “Call Request” add-on gives customers an opportunity to request a call from the store. After you install the add-on you will have a special button on the product detailed page (below Add to cart button) of the storefront with the form for contact information.

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  4. Forbidden goods. Costs $39

    CS-Cart “Forbidden Goods” add-on allows you to forbid displaying certain products or groups of products from certain users or user groups.

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  5. Google trusted stores. Costs $59

    The “Google Trusted Stores” add-on helps you be a Google Trusted Store easily and with almost no effort!

    Google Trusted Stores is a free service that helps detect trustworthy online shops. Customers can see if a shop offers good shipping, customer service and returns process. The rating is made up of company's data and customers' opinions. The rating shows on AdWords text ads and Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping. Besides, customers can see the Google Trusted Stores badge on the company's site.

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  6. HTML5/JS Product designer. Costs $289

    The “HTML5/JS Product Designer” add-on is essential for those stores which offer customizable goods. For example, for stores selling T-shirts, bags, mugs, stickers, cards, etc. Thanks to the “HTML5/JS Product Designer” add-on customers can create their own unique design, choosing size, color, clip arts or photos, which they apply to a product, then add it to their cart and buy a personalized product.

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  7. Images gallery. Costs $25

    CS-Cart “Images gallery” add-on allows create additional image gallery for products, content pages and for our “Power blog” add-on. On the product details page, the gallery is displayed in a separate tab. On the pages, the gallery will be displayed below the page content. Customer can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

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  8. Invoice/packing slip constructor. Costs $79

    CS-Cart “Invoice/Packing Slip Constructor” add-on allows to edit invoices and packing slips using drag-and-drop blocks and powerful visual editor. With the help of this add-on you can create your own templates of invoices and packing slips, add there information you need and arrange it as you want.

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  9. Mass order status update. Costs $20

    The “Mass order status update” add-on gives admin a possibility to check a list of orders and change their statuses to selected in one click.

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  10. Mobile skin. Costs $99

    The “Mobile Skin” add-on makes the mobile version of your site more attractive and adaptive for many kinds of customers mobile phones.

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  11. Power blog. Costs $39

    Blogging and posting new materials are very important option for any web site. Administrators often need to share useful information which will be interesting for clients.

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  12. Product currency. Costs $15

    CS-Cart “Product currency” add-on allows set price of product in non base currency within admin panel. You should just go to admin panel > product editing page. In the left side you will see the “Product currency rates” selectbox. Choose needed currency and set product price in this currency.

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  13. Product packages. Costs $59

    CS-Cart “Product Packages” add-on allows selling products in product packages, i.e. when several products are grouped together and sold as a set. A product can be in several product packages and can be sold separately. It is of particular use in case products are more useful when bought together rather than separately. Besides, you can offer your customers special discounts which are applied only to certain product packages.

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    We have also free Automatic Cart Recalculate add-on. We will be happy if you leave a review about this product on CS-Cart MarketPlace.

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