Cart-Power Add-On: Extended Catalog And Menus

Dear Friends,

Today we have uploaded CS-Cart Extended catalog and menus add-on. Improve the site navigation via new catalog and menus pages, which content you can easily configure using live editing mode. Don't know how to focus customer attention on popular categories with best products? Well, there is no reason to be upset now, cause our add-on helps you to introduce your catalog in a better way.

Administrator features:

  • Configurable catalog and menus pages;
  • Live edit mode for the catalog and menus;
  • Items loading by the Ajax technology;
  • New template for Categories and Menu blocks;
  • Fully compatible with the Uni and Upi themes;

Add-on settings in the Menu tab:

Add-on settings in the Catalog tab:

New features on the editing menu screen:

The separate main menu page:

Live editing mode:

New template in the block settings:

Updated main menu block:

Compatible with: CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.2.x - 4.9.x.

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Best regards,