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The Extended Admin Tools add-on provides enhanced administrator capabilities in the control panel. It adds the ability to search through the standard log by the order number, user ID, product ID, product name, category name, category ID. Adds a search by the feature option by its name and order search by the promotion or promo code applied to it.

What Does the Extended Admin Tools Add-on Do?

Adds New Search Fields in the Logs

According to the selected value in the Type/Action selectbox, additional search fields appear: user ID, administrator ID, product ID, category ID, order number, product name or category name.

Adds a Search by the Name of a Feature Variant

A search by name of a feature variant will solve the problem of manually searching through all available names. This is especially true in a store with a large number of feature variants - for example, brand names.

Adds New Search Fields in Orders List

If a coupon code that you want to find was applied to your order, use the search by the name of the promotion. You can also find the promotion you’re looking for by searching for a coupon code.


Learn more in add-on documentation.

Need modifications or any assistance? Please, feel free to contact us via HelpDesk system.


6 months of the free upgrade period included.


  • CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor versions 4.10.x - 4.17.x

  • Works correctly with the popular themes YOUPI and UniTheme

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