Cart options

So, anyone have advice on the best “working” options available for modifying the cart/basket? I’d like to have the cart and the items in the cart in the top right column (in a 3 column layout) with each item displaying (no images, just item titles/price). I’ve seen some things around and read here and there things, but wondering if there’s a solid working option available. I’d love to have this same sort of thing when you are in the checkout process as well, without the images or images very small). The checkout process is the thing I like least about cs-cart. The clunky postage thing and the way you view what’s in the cart during checkout. Any suggestions appreciated. Using 2.2.4.

Hi Dotell,

The easiest way to find code in your files that you have no idea where it lives (always the case!) download and install Google Chrome or Mozilla Nightly.

On the page you simply right click on the area you wish to inspect, and click Inspect Element.

Then look at the code, find some class names, or structure, and search for it!

However for a left/right set of code, you could just use a BLOCK. (DESIGN >> BLOCK MANAGER).