Cart not clear after place order


I’ ve noticed that sometimes when a customer of mine places an order, his cart doesn’t empty itself. So the customer gets confused and places the order again. The result is that the same order is being place 2-3 times !!

What is the reason of not clearing the cart after placing an order ? Is it a server-side problem-conflict or a client-side (maybe brower settings…?) issue ?

Any help ?

thank you

(cs-cart v.2.0.14)

The excact situation goes like this :

The customer makes an order and registers new profile during checkout.

Places the order using an offline payment processor and finishes.

Then the cart goes empty.

Then he log out.

Then the products of his order appear AGAIN !

It's crazy! Is something wrong with the cookies?

have same issue,

any one can help?

Usually it depends on the payment method integration. What payment processor do you use?

i am using my custom made payment methods.

let me know if i have to add a special code in my custom payment for fixing the issue.

Please make sure that the fn_order_placement_routines function is called on customer return back to the store