Cart Is Empty After Adding Product To Cart


I have been getting reports of people adding products to their cart then finding the cart to be empty when they go to check out. Till now it has been primarily a safari problem on a Mac but I just got a report of it happening on an android.

I thought it might be browser settings but now I am not sure. Has anyone experienced this or, any suggestions on what I should look for? I am on 4.2.3.



After their cart seems to be empty, have they tried clicking on the “My Account” button at the top to make sure they're still logged in? This may be unrelated, but I've had a bunch of customers that tried logging in, and it just didn't take (we've got ours set up to hide prices if someone isn't logged in, so they could tell immediately).

This turned out to be related to cookie settings on their browser - they just had to go into Internet Options (or the equivalent, depending on the browser used), and lower the restriction to allow cookies from our site (in IE, this meant dropping the Privacy to Low instead of Medium).

No idea if it'll work, but it's worth a try, since I figure the cart contents are tracked through a cookie just like the login info.