Cart Content Block - Display

Hello CS-Cart People,

Please can some one help with the following (what code can I use to call Cart Contents in a html block or floating draggable popup):

I’m using Computershop skin: I need to be able to either:

  1. Create a Block that will perpetually show Cart Content (once customer adds any product to cart) similar to what we have at Checkout OR in index.php?dispatch=checkout.cart. This block should not show up OR should collapse if there is no content in the cart


  2. Create a floating draggable pop-up to show Cart Content once customer add the first product to cart.

    These Cart Content block/pop-up should update automatically with new product addition, and should have a checkout button with shipping estimate.

    The purpose is, I want the customer to perpetually see their cart contents at a glance, and be able to update quantity even as they are still shopping BEFORE they finally checkout.

    Please advise.


I would like something similar to Number 2 (in the original post :slight_smile: )

I would like a permanent floating cart with a checkout and wishlist buttons, showing the total purchase value.

This floating cart would have the same behaviour like system notification floating boxes already do, ie. it would appear as soon as the “Add to cart” or cart value become invisible due to scrolling. For example with a product configurator, the required product list may be too long to be visible on the same screen as the checkout and total valule. A permanently viewable floating cart box would solve this.


it would be a nice feature, but I see no reply from dev team

You can probably look at the this addon and work from there for option 1.

I don’t think this is a complete solution for what you need as you need it to include shipping estimates, but Thomas has a mod that might be able to help. [url][/url]