Cart Button Graphics for Trade!

I am not above groveling for help so here it is…

I need to modify all the buttons in v2 and can’t wrap my head around the older posts for v1.3.5 enough to get the code to work.

To that end I am offering the button graphics I created in trade for help replacing/modifying the necessary code. Just explain what I need to do and that’s it.

Now these are not Amazon-class buttons and will not win any design awards, but they work for me. Each button is a separate file in layered PSD. As an added incentive for the person who does not have Photoshop, I will even make minor changes (text, color) and export in whatever format is needed. If you have Photoshop, I used Helvetica 76 Bold Italic - I can’t give you the font but if you have Photoshop changing the font should be a no-brainer.

This is all free - I am just asking someone far more knowledgeable than myself to lend a hand.


Someone get rid of these spammers please!