Cart 2 Cart import service

Has anyone used cart 2 cart to import their products and accounts from oscommerce?

I am debating wether to risk it or start manually adding my products.

I assume there is stil a lot of work after you import the products like setting up the seo info for each product and various other tweaks i would have to make.

I suppose once you have done your first product from a certain range you just need to clone and change the images, price and title, sizes and seo tags.

I believe you can’t import the customer passwords so i will have to figure out a way of notifying my existing customers they need to create a new account.?

Looks like it will take many weeks to get the 1500 products properly added with the correct seo no matter what method i use its taken me 2 weeks to get the categories setup correctly.


I used cart to cart to move 450+ products from my old zen cart store to CS.

In the process my old site did get infected with malware.

Also my product images became a bit skewed which im currently trying to resolve.

However, I am happy. Putting them in one by one would have taken me ages & you have 1500…

Good luck !

Here is the link: [url][/url]