Capture IP address on Form Submission

I want to be able to have an IP address captured during the submission of a form on the website. Is that possible. It’s ok if it just gets sent in the email that is delivered.


something like


Your IP address {$smarty.server.REMOTE_ADDR}


The idea then is to integrate the code above to the message being sent in the form, by integrating it in the form.

Haven’t tested the code above, but we use something similar under our discussion module, as you can see here.


That worked for making the IP appear on the screen during form creation, now I just need to get it to deliver with the form…I’m not sure, but I should probably input into a hidden field.

tried this…still not working

Your IP address:

That I placed before the submit button on one test, and before the end of the form button on another test. Any guidance would be great.