CAPTCHA not working on checkout

I just verified this locally with a fresh install of v2.0.14 and the CS-CART DEMO; add an item to cart, checkout, complete new user info WITHOUT entering any CAPTCHA data, and click NEXT STEP. The user information is processed.

Since my bug submissions and tickets typically get flagged by the CS-CART staff as fictitious, can someone verify this?

Using FF v3.59

Win 7

Just confirmed this on the demo site. Strangely, I just noticed that the Captcha is missing on my installation even though it is checked.


I posted another ticket for this CAPTCHA issue because even when the checkbox is cleared CAPTCHA remains, albeit non-functioning.

I am starting to get irritated submitting tickets though because like my forum and bug post for the sub-category thumbnails, I was charged 5 points even after Mikhail acknowledged their KB instructions included wrong code.


Challenge the charge - they should absolutely not be charging when the issue is the result of a bug or wrong information. Please share the outcome with us.