Can't Upload Product Import File


after uploading pictures import file in order to update my website, where I have discovered recently thta picture path could be only the picture name and not exim/backup:image as I believed, I try to upload the product import file.

It's a 6848 ko csv file, comma separated.

The loading is correctly running but don't succeed.

It's not the first time I'm uploading my products, my internet is rather good (upload 15 M; download 50 M, ping 11ms, tested by speedtest).

I'm waitung for ten minutes and it seems stopped to roughly 85%

Have someone some idea about that issue ?

what should I check ?

Subsiduary questions:

- as I already upload pictures (main and auxiliary) with picture import file, should I let the pictures path in the product import file ?

- when uploading product, I am proposed to check the option

"Delete all existing product files before import"

What does it mean ? should I ? For pictures import, I do that to avoid getting several images for the same product

See the screenshot to look at an eventual mistake (directory, ..):

Thanks a lot for your help !


1. The path is not necessary. Note that the system will check var/files/1/exim/backup/images directory (where 1 - is the ID of your store-front)

2. It is related with downloadable products. Tick this checkbox if you want to delete all existing files of a downloadable products when you import it.