Cant Save Features Variants >20


I'm having a problem when and saving Feature Variants.

If there are more than 20 new or changed variants, the page won't do anything after pressing Save, it just sits there, and no new variants are saved to the database.

I'm guessing this is either a Server issue or perhaps a limit setting in the cscart config.

I just lost an hours work researching and adding feature variants, all lost.

Repeatable by trying to add more than 20 variants.

The only PHP.ini I can see that is set to 20 is max_file_uploads.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue before I log a bug report.

Actually, I can repeat this issue with only 6 new variants. It seems somewhat dependent on the variant name or maybe length.

Mod_sec is OFF temporarily, so its not that.

We can only amend or add feature variants if they are listed 10 per page, and once past a certain number of variants they can't been seen at all in the list. Might be worth a try.

Raised this as a bug ages ago, can't remember what version we were on at the time, but the issue has stayed with us as we've upgraded as CSCart were unable to confirm issue.


Hi Barry,

I found the bug report from back in 2012 which pertains to v2.

So Ill log a new bug report since this is for v4.3.4

Its not quite the same bug, as the issue seems to be also dependent on the length or content of the variant text.

Bug report:

Try to change the value of the max_input_vars PHP configuration directive to 5000 on your server and check the result.

Unfortunately, since we are also running a store with v2.1.4 on the same server we are forced to set PHP5.3, which means the server is not running "native" this means that local php.ini is not supported, thus cannot set max_input_vars=5000.

I will need to address this issue first.

In this case contact hosting administrator and ask him to increase the value of this setting

Ok thanks eComLabs,

Changing to max_input_vars=5000 (from 1000) has made a difference. I can now change up to about 10 lines of variants,

But changing/adding 20 variant values still triggers this issue.

Would I be correct in saying that there is quite a demand on the SQL database queries when using the features function?

It sure does take a long time for the cart software to save just 12 new variants, which makes me feel like there is some optimization of the functions required by the cs-cart architects in this regard.

I have increased max_input_vars again to 10000, but this does not fix the issue.

Server admin have suggested that such a high setting should not ever be needed.

All further info from myself will be updated in the bug report only.: