Can't Resolve Email Issues

I’m not sure if the email setup is correct or not, because it is not consistent.

1] When a person orders online, we always receive an email notification.

2] When a person sends us a Contact Form, we sometimes receive their email. The times when the contact form actually works, the email sometimes arrives in about ten minutes, but it can take up to 5 hours. Very hit an miss.

In Admin, I’ve setup Email with the following setting:

METHOD: via sendmail program

STMP: I’ve entered the host, username and password.

In the checkbox for STMP Authentication, I have tried checking the box and unchecking the box. I can’t tell if it makes a difference or not, but seems like unchecking it works slightly better. Still, when it’s hit and miss it can be very hard to pinpoint a problem.

Anyone else having these issues?

Would the php mail function work for you? It always works immediately for me.

I’ve also noticed that some mail hosts take a little longer for virus/spam checking.