Can't read invoice email on Android system

When some place an order, CS-Cart will send a email with invoice to buyer and seller. Everything is OK when I use computer or iPhone and iPad. But when i use kindle fire or some other Android phone. I can’t read these email, they are flashing.

What can I do?

I'm not a Droid expert, but I'd check for any updates. I use a Motorola Droid 2 and used to have these problems. I had to scroll way, way down the page to see the invoice when an order came in. Then the invoice would just move further down. It was super frustrating.

Then my phone did a big update and now I can read the invoices just fine. I wish I could say that it was something I did, but my phone did it all by its self.

As for the Fire, it almost seems like it is operating on the previous version of Droid. I just got one for my wife for Christmas and the browsing sucks. It is a pain in the butt to scroll side to side when zoomed in. Basically it behaves exactly like my phone used to before the upgrade. Now to see if I can get the operating system of the Fire upgraded, that would be nice.

I hope that is some help.



Everyone needs a browser detector that pops up a message stating that “You must upgrade to Android 2.2.3 to proceed with your Order!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :shock:

A client of mine is reporting this issue as well. I asked her to verify she has a the latest software on her phone and she says she does. Anyone know what else can be done to fix this issue?

I am having this same problem reading invoice e-mails from CS-Cart on my phone and tablet. I just see blank content for the body of the email. While the same message displays just fine in my Thunderbird email client. We are running CS-Cart 3.0.2 and both my phone and tablet are Android 2.3.3. What can be done to make these emails displayable on these devices?

My client reported back to me a few months ago that all of sudden she could read them on her phone finally. I am guessing it something with the Android system and what version and flavor your tablet/phone maker is providing.

On a sorta of unrelated but sort of related note, I use an iPhone and have two different exchange accounts, one from a 3rd party provider and one directly from Microsoft and when I briefly switched to a Galaxy S3 last month I could get the 3rd party exchange to connect and work just fine, but the one from Microsoft wouldn't work, there was some known error with whatever version of the Android OS that Samsung was using that was throwing errors. So that shows how finicky Android is (and why I went back to my iPhone in less than 24 hours).