cant open store

I hit the ‘open store’ button but site does not work.

config.local.php shows the correct url

also in admin if I click ‘view store front’ I get a 500 error

any ideas?

is this after anything like upgrade?

Had a problem like this after upgrade and found setting permission helped.

so what is the store frontpage showing “closed” or “error”?

yes it was after upgrade.

but I didnt get a response to this thread so I deleted files & uploaded again, now it does not install at all

ok, so fresh install of 2.1.2 done. everything works except the store front (index.html)

YES I have clicked the ‘open store’ button :confused:

any ideas?

Check the bugs list and clear your cache/compiled folders for old javascript.

how do I make category page as the home page?

[quote name=‘crashy’]how do I make category page as the home page?[/quote]

Create a block consisting of categories for the homepage, remove all other blocks. Done.

I cant see any way of editing the homepage. I can edit every other page though. weird

Homepage is found in the blocks