Can't Login to Admin - Frontend Is Fine

If I disable it, everything seems to work fine again. I guess I will need to contact Cart Power to see if they can help me. Thanks.

You have posted your admin url, suggest you to change it

How do I change it? Just literally change the name of the file?

  1. rename the file
  2. add the new name into the file config.local.php for admin_index variable
 * Misc options
// Names of index files for the frontend and backend
$config['customer_index'] = 'index.php';
$config['admin_index']    = 'admin.php';

Not the system. Some developers do it manually

Hello, kingsleypress !

Please contact us via and we will resolve the issue on your installation.

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This one error:

Call to undefined function curl_init()

For sure refers to the fact that the curl PHP extension is not installed on your server. This is the standard PHP function that is included in this extension:

Also this extension is the part of CS-Cart system requirements:

Thank you. Cart-Power drew my attention to this and I now have it enabled. Apparently it got disabled when I updated to PHP 8.1.