Can't Install Multivendor

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to install Multivendor. When I go to the domain it says “[color=#000000]Multi-Vendor is [/color]not installed[color=#000000]. Please click here to start the installation process: [install][/color]” After clicking Install it does nothing.

All i notice is the web address changes from to and it will keep adding /install to the end of the address everytime I click the install button.

The Install directory and it’s contents is permed to 777. I’m not sure what this could be. I noticed another post that was the same although they apparently fixed it by perming the install directory to 777 which I have already done.

Any help appreciated.

I fixed it by changing perms from 777 to 755. I didn't find this info anywhere in the installation guide. It may help to include it.