Can't Install Addon

Hi there!

I uploaded an addon on my site and when i hit install button nothing happens.

Does anyone know any solution on this problem?

check your addon is not a zip file inside a rar file.

Also you can extract and upload manually via ftp if required

uploaded zip first and i could not install the addon.

Then uploaded the files manually and rewrite the files.

Same problem.

Maybe permissions ??
or if you have more than one store front then choose "all stores"

or then

needs someone to check your server

Maybe permissions ??

There is one store only.

What permission must the folders and files must have?

I installed so many addons with no problems, I can’t find the problem for this one.

Try to check server error logs for new errors

Problem found. Ioncube loader was disabled.

Problem found. Ioncube loader was disabled.

thanks for letting us know